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[05 Jun 2010|04:50pm]
SOOOO I graduated. Weird.

Our New York showcase was a HUGE success, which was great. I got some offers, which was more than I thought I got from the Chicago showcase. I embraced being a New Yorker, hung out with Jennifer, and had a rip-roaring good time. I was ready to move. I canceled living with Kelsey, thinking that I would be able to get there by September or October.

Turns out, I'm more in demand in Chicago than I thought. I've been called in for 3 different auditions in the next week and a half! Helllll ye! One is for a children's theater, which is meh, but would probably pay. Another is for BoHo, where I was called back for Hello Again. This time they're calling me in for Big River. Feelin good about it, although I have to have a bluegrass song. Meh. FINALLY, I got called in by the GOODMAN (!!!) to play a part in a new play they're doing this season. I'd be playing a gay 20 year old whose parents still own slaves. Oh Steve Scott. You and your views.

That being said, I signed a lease with Alex and Kelsey. Bizarre. We're moving exactly a mile north. Our address is now 1015 instead of 1016. Our apartment is practically the same, except this one is kinda shitty. I'm paying a lot less though, so that's nice. What am I thinking living with Alex Cole again? Still, they know my intention is to leave sooner rather than later, so all is well. I can move out whenever.

Also, I need a real job. MEH MEH MEH.

Is this real life?
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[14 Apr 2010|06:38pm]
I was seeing a boy for a few weeks. We went on about 4 dates over the course of 3 weeks, one of which included a rendezvous at the Peninsula. He was a nerdy career boy who loved texting me, but was somewhat awkward in person. I called it off via text message last night. His response:

"May you wither."
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Brain Clutter [12 Apr 2010|02:05pm]
My first update of 2010! Fancy that.

I graduate from college in a month. DUN DUN DUN.

I'm really posting because I was home for a few days last week. Nearly everyone was talking to me about "when I move back home." EEK! How do I just say to these people that it probably isn't happening? Oddly enough, my father was one of the few who didn't assume I would be back. He seems to be itching to get out of MN too. I got home the other day, and he had painted the living room, hung new curtains, and done all sorts of things like that. I assumed this was all with the idea of selling the house in the next year or two. When I asked him about it, he told me he's probably going to rent it out. That way he can fly back to MN whenever he wants on "business" but still live in CO, which seems to be the plan. SO THAT'S COOL! I wasn't ready for my childhood home to be given up forever. This is a happy medium.

The question remains! Where do I go after this?

I'm NOT going to Seattle. The Rep didn't want me. I guess I knew when I mailed my application that it wasn't going to happen. Odd how that worked out. I liked the idea of Seattle, but actually being there that one weekend with Schultz and Kitty and Kait didn't really suit me. Let's be real, though, when does traveling with other people ever suit me?

My lease in 1016 W. Armitage is up at the end of June. (another DUN DUN DUN). It will be incredibly sad to leave. That's assuming I won't be kicked out for murdering Alex Cole before that time. What else is new?

My first option is to stay in Chicago. That means getting my own place or getting a new roommate. I only want one, and I would like for them to be quiet and antisocial like me. Haha. Perhaps Michael Schultz.

The other option is to pack my bags and head for New York. Davey Joe and Victor want another roommate. Could I do that? Do I really want to be in New York? Yes and no. Eegad.

Today (RIGHT NOW) my decision is to stay in Chicago for 1 year. I have my job at the opera back in the fall, which is amazing. I have friends here. I know this city. I can save money, audition, do shows, fly to New York for auditions, and do all sorts of things like that. I don't think I'd be stuck in too much of a rut working my ass off and having no fun and all that. Yes. This makes sense.

I want to commit my entire being to whatever I do. And that's that.
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[22 Dec 2009|03:19pm]
My roommate Alex Haney asked if he could borrow my car to go run a quick errand. I said it was okay as long as he put some gas in the tank, because it was almost empty. I told him what it looked like, gave him the license plate number, and all that stuff. He was gone for about half an hour. Then I got a call saying he had just parked back at home, but was having trouble locking it. I told him how to do it (the door handle thing), and he got it. When he got in, he told me the gas tank was already full. I wasn't sure what to make of it, but I wasn't too worried.
He also told me that he had received a parking ticket in the ten minutes he was parked in front of the store. He paid it online pretty much immediately. Then, we looked at the ticket, and we saw it was assigned to an Illinois license plate. It was still for a Honda, and it was parked pretty much in the same spot he was parked around the same time. We figured someone had received a ticket and put it on my car right away. Pretty clever.
THEN he called the city of Chicago to let them know what had happened and to see if they could do anything about it. They said it was a common occurrence and that they would refund him, no problem. Then, we were looking around on the city's website, and we saw that you could look up your ticket and they would show a picture of the car they ticketed. We looked it up, and, sure enough, the car was a black Honda Civic with an IL license plate. I said, "Yep, that's not my car."
He said, "........oh.....weird, because that's the car I drove. Do you have a Polish flag or a picture of the pope hanging from your rearview mirror?"
Turns out, he accidentally tried my key on someone else's Civic parked near where I was parked and it WORKED! ALEX HANEY IS A CAR THIEF!!!! except he got lucky and parked it in the same spot.

And that's my story of the year. Maybe I WILL miss Alex when he leaves for Prague...sad. I mean SUPER PISSED. Haha, oh Alex Haney. What a part of my life you've been.

Other stuff:

Had another double kegger for D Herr's and my birthday. Only one keg got used. Woof. We dumped it in the bathtub. Such a waste.

Work is great. I've never had work friends before, but I can totally hang out with these people, and I like it.

Went on a blind blackout drunk date the other night. It was 3am at Berlin, and he asked for my number. I figured what the hell. He's pretty normal for a guy I would meet at the bar. Actually a little too normal. I'm ready to move on and continue enjoying being single. Gabi from work, who is 33, is so wise and teaches me to take things at face value, treat first dates like job interviews, and do what I want to do. Duh.

Avatar = AMAZ.

JDCB=done? still weird feelings, but, as I have sorta known all along, he is a crazy maker. At least Beam and I are still budz.

My LJ is 6 years old? Weird.
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disjointed narrative with flulike symptoms [16 Nov 2009|05:46pm]
Weird, remember when I spent all of my time on Livejournal? Those days are long gone.

I'm home sick. My show opens Thursday. I'm crabby about it.

Yesterday, I found this Korean spa place online. Saunas, pools, steam rooms, massages, all dirt cheap. Now, the internet reviews said this place was amazing, even though the facilities were a little run down. I figured it was worth a try. Relaxation was a must.

It ended up being way more of a trek than I thought. Like, almost the end of the brown line. When I got there, I was only moderately sketched out. You know, it smelled like kimchee in the hallway, and the attendants hardly spoke English. Minor, minor drawbacks. I scheduled a 30 minute massage scrub down. I'm a sucker for reasonably priced massages. Reasonably priced anything, really. Anyway, the attendant pointed me to the men's locker room, which I figured would lead to the room with pools and saunas and whatnot. So basically I walk out of the locker room, which was full of naked men, and walk into a room full of pools filled with more naked men! Men's and women's pool rooms were separate. No

Now, I like to think my bathhouse detector///COMMON SENSE is strong enough to sniff out a possible situation like this. Nope. My naivete got the best of me once again.

I looked at the clock. There were 45 minutes till my massage...

Basically, nakey time at the bathhouse ended up being more pleasant than I thought it would be. Sure, everyone was staring at tan, twinky boy Alex the whole damn time, but the cruisers and creepers minded their own business for the most part. There was even a nap room! Basically, I shouldn't show my face at this place til I'm older and perhaps a bit paunchy, but I got so excellent, albeit somewhat creepy, relaxation time.
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[13 Sep 2009|01:53pm]
Last night was the Sassy Salamander Beach Block Party Indian Cookout.

Jack and I walked to plant stores in my neighborhood, which was lovely. Then we went up to Devon, where all the Indian markets and restaurants are. We bought food to cook. Beam came. Then we went to Jack's mommy's house in Evanston. There was a block party! We harassed little kids, drank free beer, ate succulent foods, and talked to old conservative lesbians and mom's who acted like they were 20 years younger than they really were. All in all, a grand time.

Then we decided to go to the beach. We were swimming in Lake Michigan in the dark, which was probably one of the most terrifyingly amazing things ever. I felt like I was going to walk off the edge of the world and fall into space. We were having a lovely Sassy Salamander time. Then we saw police cars and search lights. We dashed. The cops followed us, and said "We're looking for 3 loud girls. Have you seen them?" Naturally, our first instinct was that the 3 loud girls were us. We talked in our chest voices and pointed the cops in the other direction. They followed. We ended up having to tell about 5 more Evanston cops (foul) that we hadn't seen the 3 loud girls. We went back to Kathleen's place and made an Indian feast at midnight, which was far too spicy. When they tell you to only use one packet of seasoning for the stew, they mean it.

This morning, I was getting ready to leave, and I couldn't find my wallet. Well shit. I knew that the only place I could have left it was the beach. I walked to the beach, and it was sitting there under some sand. I about puked. All in all, a delight.
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Posterity [31 Aug 2009|07:35pm]
the first day of school was such a typical day of ccpa class of '10. amanda dlg was late, david c talked about puppets, mary had a laughing attack, and lauren b told a long, mostly pointless story that ended in her crying. all I can do anymore is chuckle at this sort of thing. heh heh.
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[30 Aug 2009|09:58pm]
I haven't looked at this thing in forever.  It's sad!

After 3 months of sedentary unemployment, my lazy ass gets thrown to the ravenous wolves of CCPA tomorrow morning.  I'm pretty excited.  It's hard for me to fully understand or predict what having Asian Theater with June Compton at 9:30 am every Monday entails.  It's odd.  Also odd is the fact that I have only one year left of this nothing but this musical theater life I've been living for the past few years.  I guess it's about time.

So that's weird.

I'm a pretty solitary creature these days, and boy is it fun!  I can listen to whatever music I want to, whenever I want!  I can stay home and have the apartment to myself on Friday nights!  I can just be little old me!  It's all too simple and wonderful.

This month, my roommates and I are going to have a fort party!  We're turning each room in our apartment into a magical clubhouse, having a few friends over, and camping out!  I can't wait.  It has the potential top the masquerade party of freshman year, which would be a considerable feat.

This school year, I'm going to write lots of letters, make lots of mix CDs, surf the internet well, debut a funk/disco/lounge EP, write a one man show, ASM Joel Fink's production of Pericles, act in two main stage shows at CCPA, organize my class' senior showcase in New York, and produce a big name youTube star's first concert ever in Chicago.  I have every ounce of confidence that I will succeed in doing all but one or two of these things.  It feels good.
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[17 Jul 2009|10:10am]
Last night I had a dream that I was watching the pilot episode of 'Passions' from 1987.  I dont know if it actually started in 1987, in fact, i'm certain it didn't, but then was when this episode in my dream took place.  All of the main characters were 8 year old kids (I could tell which ones they all were, it was freaky) and they were playing their back yard in some big city with mountains in the background.  Then all the kids started saying, "Man, I wish we could live in Harmony," and then the clouds in the sky changed to look like all of their faces.  Then, their mom came out of the back door of the house carrying a laundry basket and looking frazzled as if she were actually taking care of 15 children or whatever.  She said, "Okay kids, let's do it."  And then some theme music (definitely not the 'Passions' theme music) started playing, and I woke up.

It was a very amusing dream.  Unfortunately, I woke up to my dad coming into my room to tell me all the stuff I had to do today. 

I've been having lots of wild dreams lately.  I think it's my water bed.  I love it so.  Other dreams include: My roommates all getting addicted to heroin and acting like it was no big deal, trying to tell me that I was in the wrong for wanting to move out.  Highly unpleasant.  Another night I had a dream that I was in LA and all of the buildings collapsed, but my friend and I decided to make a grand adventure of it and rode bikes around the smoldering ruins of the city.  WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?!?!?!

Sweeney opened last night!  I can honestly say that this has been one of the happiest times of my life, and despite being completely broke, I couldn't be happier that I did this show.  I've made lots of new friends, been able to spend quality time with old friends, and, you know, I'm doing my favorite musical.  Plus I'm on a top secret mission to out an 18 year old and make him my showmance.  Wish me luck with that one.  Bahaha. 

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[07 Jun 2009|03:20pm]
I'm leaving for Minnesota tomorrow!  I'm trying to pack, but it's difficult not knowing whether to pack for 2 weeks or 2 months.  Whenever I pack, I find myself wanting to bring >50lbs of books with me.  Like, do I really need my complete works of Shakespeare?  Probably not, but if I don't bring it home with me, I'll get bored and sit on the internet all day.  Bahhhhh.

Sweeney rehearsals start tomorrow!  I cannot express how much joy and wonder I feel at the prospect of finally performing in my favorite musical evarrrr~!  I've been listening to the recording lately and thinking back on the days when it was ALL I listened to. I'm pretty giddy about it.  I'm playing Pirelli, which will be too much fun.  I've been working on my Irish accent, and all that seems to be coming out is Pirate.  I basically have the whole show memorized (I could play Mrs. Lovett in my sleep), but i don't know Pirelli all that well, so I've been spending time with the beautiful score, playing, singing, and having a grand old time.  Yay. 

Today I say goodbye to Aubs.  Alex Cole will be living here when I return.  It's all very sad, BUT the biggest, weirdest, best alignment of friends/stars is happening in Colorado this weekend!  I'm going (no plane ticket yet...you know how I travel.) to Denver, hanging out with Manatelyn!, Ben Veum?odd, Jack!, Trav!, and Kate!  Stars align!  It's going to be fabulous!  Some of my favorite people ever all hanging out in the Rocky Mountains!  What could be better?  NADA.
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ONCE AGAIN [19 Mar 2009|09:04pm]
Flight was supposed to leave tonight at 7:40.  I purposely missed it, thinking I could just get on standby for one tomorrow without it costing me an arm and a leg.  Wrong!  $200.  Luckily (?) my credit card isn't working, so the payment didn't go through.  This leaves options!  Basically, I'm about to fly standby to Milwaukee tomorrow, pray to god that I get on the nonstop flight at 4:30 (only $70, thanks Airtran U), make it in at 6, and somehow manage to get on a megabus ($12) back to Chicago at either 7 or 9:30.  GAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! 

Hey, at least I get to see Jackee!!!  Fab 4 reunion, duh!
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[04 Mar 2009|11:30am]
All this free time scares me.  I need to be busy all the time, and having class for like 8 hours a week isn't good for me.  Balls Are Swinging rehearsals have started, and it's looking like I'll need to go to rehearsal twice in the next month.  Now, that isn't a bad thing, not at all, but what am I supposed to do?

I know what it is.  It's the fact that I'm sort of committed to all these hours of class and rehearsal, but I don't need to go all the time.  I basically have to be on call at all times, so it's hard for me to figure out what to do.

SBNYC09 is right around the corner!  I got cheap cheap cheap flights (nonstop, even), and I'm going to be there for 5 days.  I cannot wait.  I'm hoping the weather is nice.  I'm also hoping I can find someone who has a bike that I can borrow.  Exploring the city by bicycle would be soooo much fun.  I MUST see a show, but there's nothing I really want to see, at least on Bway.  I'm thinking I'll try to go see Blithe Spirit, maybe Hair, perhaps West Side, or even Hedda Gabler?  We'll see.  I still need to see what's playing Off Bway, and what's at the Met, and if there's any other sorta stuff I can see too.  I'm also going to be a museum whore.  I'm going to try to go to an open mic night, and I heard there's an audition for Tokyo Disney, so I'll probably do that too.  I should see what other auditions are happening.  Yay!  I'm so excited!  Plus I get to hang out with Katelyn (and NOT stupid Brandon), and maybe Jackee too!!!!!!!  JACKEEEEEEEEEEE!  I suppose I should see Dustin.  Maybe.  I'll try to catch up with Allicia too.  And perhaps Fardosa.  And NOT Jordan!  He won't be there!  Of course, he'll be at my apartment when I get back, but whatevs.  Actually, I would've rather seen him there than here, because he's assuredly going to be obnoxious around Kels and Mel and Alex and everyone.  What else?  Take dance classes maybe?  Is that lame?  Nah.  Oh yeah, and eat.  I'm going to be stuffing my face the entire time.  All on a budget, of course.  Ha!  Can't wait.  I think I'm going to smoke cigarettes while I'm in the city as well.  It just seems like a vacationy thing to do.  Haha.

Heel yah.
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[18 Feb 2009|01:27pm]
Things I'm wondering today:

Why my friend told me it was super easy to get a free week long trial to the gym, when in actuality they wanted me to pay thousands of dollars for dozens of sessions with a personal trainer and an 18 month long membership.  I JUST WANT TO GO SWIMMING IN YOUR POOL.

Why I have to do an art history presentation for my theater history class/ why I willingly chose the most difficult subject/ why I chose to work alone when on a group project/ why i didn't start working on this 3 weeks ago.

Why plane tickets from Chicago to Italy are cheaper than plane tickets from Chicago to New York.
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[31 Jan 2009|08:55pm]
Whenever I have the apartment to myself, I dance* in my living room.  To every song that comes on.  Today, I was holding a mug of hot water for tea, and I decided that I would still be able to dance like normal.  Wrong.  Scalding water attack.

*flail about
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[30 Jan 2009|02:01pm]
Yesterday was a stressful day.  I threw up after conditioning (because I ate cottage cheese for breakfast I think), fell down a flight of stairs, and had to sight read piano accompaniments for 2 1/2 hours.  I kept having to remind myself that there is a reason I'm majoring in musical theater and not piano.  Actually, I'm kind of glad Dan's just throwing me into it and making me get my shit together on my own.  Its helping me learn a lot more.  He's doing the same to Katie.  She's basically staging the entire show.  Still though, laziest director evar.

So, I went to Burnsville High School, and we were the Burnsville Blaze.  Whatever, who cares.  But now, Roosevelt University is starting up a radio station this semester.  It is called The Blaze.  All right, is there something the universe is trying to tell me here?  Because it really seems lke it, and I'm prefectly willing to listen to it.  Haha.  Free Fridays are great.  Except I know I'm going to have to go to rehearsal in a few hours and do more of what I did last night. 
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[26 Jan 2009|04:34pm]
After sitting around doing NOTHING for the past 6 weeks, I have been thrown to the wolves again.  Today was the first day of school.  Lemme tell you, getting up at 8am was difficult today.  Especially since my first class (and seemingly the rest of my life) is taught by Luis Perez.  Once rehearsal for Bells Are Ringing begins (Oh yeah, I'm in that show!), Its going to be nothing but Luis alllllllll the time.  I'm also Assistant Music Directing the freshman show.  Rehearsal for that begins tonight.  I'm never going to be home.  Except right now.  Mondays between 4:30 and 6.  Sgreat.

I also realized that my dependence on caffeine is much worse than I thought when two cups of tea didn't put me in a sociable mood this morning.  Hello coffee. 

I love my roommates.  New Audrey is a perfect fit.  Plus I have a new, big, awesome room!  I haven't done much decorating yet, and I need to.  Asap.  The old room sucked because I let it suck.  Aubs lofted her bed in that room, and it has been transformed into the MOST AMAZING SPACE EVER.  Seriously.  Its like a fort.  Plus you can see the floor now.

Most importantly, after 16 or 17 years of being completely repulsed by it, I had my first bite of cottage cheese today!  I've decided to start liking it again.  Not sure how well it will work, but the small portion I had for breakfast really hit the spot.  I've been on a big dairy kick lately.  I eat so much goat cheese.  Yummy.  Jesus, look at me talking about my dairy eating habits.  I need to get laid or something.
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[12 Dec 2008|08:16pm]
I never would have thought that I would have a kegger for my 21st birthday, but here we are, two kegs in house.  I'm actually really terrified.

My actual 21st birthday ended in me puking out of a cab window as it drove me home.  I'm real classy like that.

Aside from alcohol, not too much is new in my life.  What's really scary to think about is that I've had this same Livejournal for FIVE YEARS!  WHAT!

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[15 Nov 2008|02:32am]
This week, I have found two music history textbooks that were seemingly abandoned in practice rooms.  Right on.

Also, Urinetown is this week!  So happy.  So so so happy.  Having mic tape gunk on my face sucks, but it also fills me with delight.

Finally, SOMEONE PLEASE HAVE CHICAGO THANKSGIVING WITH ME!  PLEEEEEEZE.  I know a couple people who will be here, but I need some excitement!  Cmon, you know you want to come visit me.
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[28 Oct 2008|11:17am]
I am now 4/4 in my alcohol purchasing endeavors.  Once again, all I do is show my real ID.  It's really wonderful.  Katelyn and I had a bucket of margaritas when she was visiting.  After rehearsal last night, some of the boys and I went out drinks.  I told my dad about my boozin' adventures, and he told me he used to do the same thing!  Except he was 16.  Hahaha.

The week from hell just ended.  Midterms sucked ass.  It feels good to be done with all of them, except I still have a gigantic amount of work to do for my english class.

HALLOWEEN!!!!  I'm going as Liza Minelli, obvi.  It's going to be spectacular.  I still don't have a wig or shoes or a lot of things, but it's gonna happen.

Also, I'm almost 90% certain that I'm going to New York around my birthday.  Like, that weekend.  I'll be 21, I'll probably be able to get off work, and I can see Liza at the palace.  Superfun. 

Note to self: never eat KFC again, no matter how appealing fried chicken at 10:30am may seem.

Rehearsals are swell.  Its going to be a great show.
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[07 Oct 2008|09:57pm]
Last Sunday, I had to work from 9:30 to 4:30.  Annoying.  I ended up getting off about 20 minutes early, at which time Jack called me and said "I got free tix to the food and wine expo in millennium park! It ends at 5, so we have to go NOW."  So I ran to the park.  the security guards were checking IDs as we walked in.  Jack has a fake, no issue for him.  I was a little nervous, but I handed the stupid guard my id (clearly marked UNDER 21), and she told me to have a good time.  Ha! 

Then, we proceeded to get free wine samples.  Lots of them.  After all, we only had about 35 minutes to get as much wine as we could!  After about 15 minutes, Jack and I looked at each other and said "we're wasted."  we were. yet we continued to drink.  the expo technically closed at 5, but we stayed on.  we made friends who kept pouring us glasses.  I'd estimate that we had a bottle and a half (EACH) in the course of about 20 minutes.  we left when a security guard on a segway came over, held up his phone, and said "See this number? (It was 911) I'm going to call it if you don't leave now!"  So we left.  I puked in the park.  I puked on the sidewalk.  I puked in Jack's bathroom.  I puked on Jack.

Meanwhile, I had been planning to pick up a desk I found on Craigslist.  Olga, the woman I was picking it up from, told me I could come get it any time before 1AM.  No problem.  Well, after all of my vomiting, Jack and I passed out for a while.  At about 8:30, we woke up, still completely inebriated, and hopped on the train to fucking Evanston.  At about 11, Olga texted me "Pretty rude that you say you come get desk and don't."  In Evanston, we got his mom's car (Jen drove), and drove to Olga's work on the west sieeeede.  She apologized for the rude text.  I apologized for my drunkenness.  We got the desk, and I ended up making it home at about 2am.  It was quite a Sunday.

Aside from drunken debauchery (I've gotten into two 21+ events with my real ID in the past week), I've been maintaining a pretty simple existence.  I wake up every morning at 7:30, pack my lunch, and go to school.  Classes are fine, nothing too exciting, nothing too boring either. 

My simple existence is about to turn hectic.  Rehearsals start next week!  I couldn't be more happy.  SOO happy.  Can't wait.  Yep.
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